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14.4 Volt Drill- Battery Life

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  • 14.4 Volt Drill- Battery Life

    This is my first posting to this forum, although I have been following it for quite some time.
    I purchased a 14.4 volt cordless drill before the so called life time warranty offer ended. The drill has some nice features: the action of the chuck is great, it seems to have lots of torque, but the length of time the batteries last is ridiculously short!!! I have seasoned the batteries, at least 10 cycles each, I run them until they stop, which happens very abruptly, then I charge them for the recommended amount of time. I know they recharge in only 20 minutes but they better, seeing as how they only hold a charge for minutes longer than that. My last 14.4 drill was a CTC Mastercraft special and it cost me 1/3 of the $ the Ridgid cost me and lasted upto 4 yes 4 times longer.
    Has anyone else had simular results???

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    Yep, had the same problems with the 18V. We build custom decks and fences and I have been through two 4 piece kits since November. Both have been replaced, but with the last one, we went back to DeWalt. Battery life is MUCH longer. Torque is about the same. Batteries on the Ridgid would go flat abruptly and often...always at the most inconvient time. I will never own another Ridgid cordless tool. By the way, the Ridgid rep was suppose to call me within 24 hours, that was 8 weeks ago....guess he is busy.


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      I had the same prob with my 18v kit and I just got new batteries today. well see how they do. My neighbor has an 18v kit also but he says his batteries last forever. I hope I just got a bad batch of bateries.


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        I have been having a simular problem with the 18v kit. Batteries just seem to run dead quicker that my DeWalts. An they do just die with no indication of running low. Recently I was installing a subfloor with screws, the battery which came of the charger did not make it through 70 screws. It was 1/4" sub into 3/4" ply.