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TS 2412 Elevation Handwheel

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  • TS 2412 Elevation Handwheel

    I absolutely love my Ridgid Table saw and with the Herc-u-lift, it meets my needs well. But I'm getting kind of "cranky" (forgive the pun) about the elevation handwheel loosening on an all too frequent basis. What can I do to prevent this? Any good hints out there?
    Bob Sr.<br />Father of Bob-the-Builder

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    There should be a lock washer between the head of the screw and the where it seats into the crank. If there is not, look at the parts page of your manual and obtain the correct lock washer and install it. This would be first cause.

    Second cause would be the insertion of the wrong screw. Either by mistake, or supplied, of the wrong length. If it's too long, it will bottom out in the whole before tightening on the crank wheel.

    Either of these fixes should correct your frustrations.
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      A tiny drop of loctite or carzy glue in a pinch