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Ridgid 12" Compound Miter Saw

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  • Ridgid 12" Compound Miter Saw

    I bought my compound miter two years ago and I've been happily using it for framing and intalling standard molding since then; but I finally started installing crown moulding, and WOW! is this saw teriffic. The last time I put up crown moulding I used my old 10" Makita miter and it was a bear to get the angles worked out. I love the preset angle guides and the compound bevel is extreemly percise. If anyone is even the slightest bit hesitant about putting up crown moulding, go out and get this saw, you will not regret it.

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    Thanks I am in the market for a new one


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      Hopefully this will be of some help for some of you.

      I just bought one of these saws after doing alot of research on the saws available. I checked out primarly DeWalt as I hve purchased mostly DeWalt for my company.

      After looking at the saws closely, and speaking to others, I purchased this saw over the others.

      Here are the reasons why,

      1. I really liked the way the table was set up, and the preset notches for crown molding. I alos really liked the feel of the rotation of the table.

      2. I liked the wide throat for the dust collection system.

      3. The quick clamp system for the saw really rocks, very well thought ut and handy. We actually use the clamp on the table for other uses on the job.

      4. Kind of a dumb little thing, but I really like the crown molding mitre guide on the saw. Real handy for doing crown molding on the fly, without having to get the manual out.

      5. I prefer the pistol grip over the D handle, but it seems almost all of the 12" saws have them, and that is strictly a preference item.

      I also read a few other reviews of the saw before I purchased it. The 10" saw has had some complaints as far as not enough preset angles and so on. I also read in the reviews where all of the issues other had were added or fixed on the 12".

      Now for the what you all want to know.

      I brought this saw to the job site, and set it up on our mitre saw stand. ( I dont realy vare for the rigid one, as it does not extend out wide enough for our uses.)

      I was not able to run the saw as I had other appointments, so I left it with the crew. About an hour later my foreman called me and said he loved the saw. We have both ran the DeWalt, and he said there was no comparision. He also informed me that the other workers loved the saw too.

      After hearing them rant and rave, I decided to go try thr saw my self. To say the least, they were not exagerating. It cuts 4x6's like they were 2x2's. The power was really nice. I decided to play with doing some crown molding cuts. The saw simply performed great. The mitres were precise and clean.

      One of my other employees liked the saw so much, he is going down to purchase one. The DeWalt is still an excellent saw, but the Rigid has so many more features, it really is our new all around saw.

      I did not get the saw with the laser. I am from the old school and prefer to set my blade before I cut, as do my employees, so I just simply decided to save the money.

      The only drawback I probally have with the saw is the dust collection bad is a little on the cheap side, but hell, lifetime warranty more than offset's that.


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        I purchased the 12in mitre saw about 2 years ago before the laser was availiable. I too had been hanging crown with a 10 in Makita. That was allways a challange at best. The repeatability of the saw is exellent. The preset stops function very well and I especially like the back angle stop for crown moulding that was a great inovation. The only real drawback to the saw is that the back angle pivots only one way making it necessary to rotate your material when hanging crown moulding depending on your angle. The reduction of blade deflection when making long angle cuts is an added surprise. I use mine for framing as well as crown and finish trim. This is one tool that stays on the truck.