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    i have had my spindle/belt sander for about 6 months. its quiet and has more then enough power for how i use it. the only gripe i have is when you set the belt head or spindle 90 degrees to the table, the table is slightly higher then the stationary part of the tAble. its not an adjustment problem but a design issue. if the pivot was set lower it would be fine. other then that its a great sander.

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    I have a similar problem with mine as well. The adjustment on mine wouldn't go far enough to get it square with the belt. I had to modify the crome lever lock that seats in the notces.
    It also doesn't stay square very long.
    Get past the chincy table, and you've got a dandy sander that can handle just about anything.
    I'm working on taking off the factory table and designing something a little more solid, and bigger.
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      I received a Spindle/Belt Sander for
      Christmas and found that the table was level with the spindle base once I had adjusted it with the 2 setscrews provided to set the table at 90° to the belt. I did have a problem with the chrome indexing device as the slotted holes were not long enough to permit the indexing device to engage the notches in the table at 90° to the belt. I had to grind out the slotted holes to permit indexing. Couldn't just drill two more holes in the base as they would hav overlapped the existing holes.

      Looks like emerson needs to adjsut the drilling fixture for the screw holes that hold the chrome indexing strip to the sander base.


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        I purchased a recon. model of this sander. I have also used the Delta BOSS, and it eats the RIDGID's dust! Great machine.