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Ridgid 10"C. Miter..How does it rate?

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  • Ridgid 10"C. Miter..How does it rate?

    Has anyone had any experience with the CURRENT Ridgid 10" compound miter saw with laser? Model MS1065LZ. An on-line review of the earlier model (1050)was not favorable. Have they worked out the kinks?

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    Let ask a question. Why buy a Ridgid Miter saw when they are priced nearly identical to a Dewalt or Delta and higher than Ryobi and Sears.

    Unless there is a price break or a significant feature why buy something that has no track record?

    I know there is such as thing as brand loyality and I practice it sometimes. However the current Ridgid line is so new and there are so many other proven performers out there why buy Ridgid? You can buy Ridgid and take a chance that it is the best thing since sliced bread or the worst thing since report cards. Or you can buy for the same price a known performer that will deliver you exactly what you want.

    Ever since Ridgid came out I have been trying to figure this out. On some things I can see it like their 2400 mobile saw which to me has super nice stand or their 3650 which is priced below most other competition. But their hand tools are priced identical to Dewalt, Porter Cable, Makita, Hitachi and offer nothing to give them the edge.
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      I had the Ryobi 10" with a lazer. Not a good choice. The lazer lined up @ 1/8" to the left making it useless and the saw itself did not last a month.

      I exchanged it for the Ridgid 10 w/lazer and have used it everyday for the last couple months without a problem. It was right on out of the box. Even the lazer is right on, (however I don't know if I just got lucky). I gambled and chose the Ridgid over the Dewalt by the way the saws felt in my hand. Sitting side by side I felt better about the Ridgid. Hope I don't live to regret it but so far I love the Ridgid.

      Good Luck.



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        I like my ridgid tools , but i have a dewalt 10" compound miter saw and i love it. Popular Woodworking Mag. rated it tops in the 10" category for mitersaws, but the ridgid wasnt in the test. The stock dewalt blade is a good one, ive used it for about a year or two, still sharp, but its starting to be time for a new one.