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    I bought a 1/2" 18V Hammer Drill back in December and it quit about 3 mounths later I called Ridgid and they refered me to a service center. I sent the drill in and they found that the trigger had gone out. Which also blowed both of the batteries in the process. I called Last week to ask about it and the guy said that he has had triggers ordered for over 2 months and has not seen any yet. he has several tools setting in the shop waiting for parts. If I ran my business like that I would be out of business by now. Whats the hold up on parts???

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    Apparently parts seem to be a problem that is often reported here on the boards. Personally, I don't know if this is because of the so-called service centers, distribution problems, or a national problem. While you will surely get a few comments from other folks like me, you should understand that official Ridgid review and commentary is fairly rare as this board is primarily for folks like us to exchange thoughts. Therefore, I would respectfully advise you to call the service number for Ridgid and place your inquiries there. I would also document your contacts in case you need to take further action at a higher level. The number that I have is 1-866-539-1710.



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      Yeah, I waited for 3 months for parts for my ridgid chop saw.