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Model 1210 Oiless Threader

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  • Model 1210 Oiless Threader

    Better than the 700 Power Drive(mines still gong strong after six years daily use? Anyone with experience with this new machine? Is it as wonderful as it sounds? Any drawbacks? Is it portable as it appears? Would you take it inside a customers home?

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    Never saw it Is there a link to where it can be seen?


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      Heres the link from Ridgid. They tell me this is intended as a service machine and not for production. Areas where clean cutting without oil is critical seems to be it's niche.;f=14;t=000049


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        Heating: It looks like you linked right back to this thread. Here's the PDF catalog file for the 1210 Oiless threader.

        Surprisingly, not many people know about the 1210. I was surprised it didn't take off like gangbusters.

        I might be a little biased, but I think it is a sweet little machine. You are correct, that it is clean enough that you can take it into finished basements, baths, or kitchens. The residual coolant on the chips, and the chips themselves, are all that's left when you are done threading. The occasional chip might fly off while threading, but there is no oil splatter at all.

        If this is what you are looking for, then this is the only threading machine you need to consider.



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          we sold a couple of units of the ridgid 1210 last year. so far no complaints yet.. just make sure the coolants drops on the thread every second. however, dont be surprised with the smoke while threading. its normal..!