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R4510 blade removal

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  • R4510 blade removal

    I went to remove my old blade off of my R4510 and the arbor nut will not budge.
    First of all, am I turning it the correct way? The manual says:
    ~ Using the left blade wrench, insert the open end onto the flats on the arbor shaft.
     Insert the closed end of the other wrench over the hex nut. Holding both wrenches firmly, pull the outside wrench (right side) forward while pushing the inside (left side) to the back of the saw.
    What is the back of the saw? Is the front of the saw the side that has the tape measure?

    I have tried with all my strength to move the nut, to no ail.
    How can I get this thing off?

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    Take a piece of scrap wood and place it against the teeth of the blade at the front side of the blade, the side with the tape measure. Now, take the wrench with the closed end wrench and put it on the arbor nut. Pull the wrench towards the front of the saw till the teeth bite into the wood scrap. Once you've done that try and loosen the arbor nut while holding the wood scrap in place. If you still can't loosen the nut then a little persuasion with a hammer against the wrench might help. If that doesn't work then you could try using a socket wrench and socket if you have one large enough. The arbor on my 3612 is 1-1/16" but I'm not of the size on your saw.
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