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Ridgid 14 v impact driver

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  • Ridgid 14 v impact driver

    I got a Ridgid combo 14 v drill and driver on clearance at HD. I used the impact driver last week almost a full day on the first charge of the battery. I wondered where that tool has been in my shop. I drove screw after screw and then drove 5/16" lag bolts without pilot holes. Worked great. I still feel its a better idea to drill pilot holes to avoid splitting the wood. I just wanted to see if it would. It did with no problem.

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    so its got tons of power hu?
    i was thinkin of ithor getin the right angle driver or the one ur talkin bout, i like lots of power, but for putin screws and such in cabnits and things the right angle head might be nice


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      Boy, do I ever agree with you. I think its been about 3 months now that I've had the 14.4V impact driver and what a sweet tool it is. I can't believe I waited as long as I did before I bought one.
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        I love impact drivers. I work at HD and for weekend demos sometimes i'll grab either the 14.4 ridgid or the 18V Li-ion Makiti impact driver, a 4x4, and 1/2"x 3 inch lag screws and drive them in without a pilot hole to show the power. I usually have a comparable drill/driver next to it so people can compare the power of it.

        I have so many people come up and give it a try and are just flat out amazed at the power of the impact drivers and the fact that you don't need to put any effort into driving the screw down.


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          Have to agree, at first I bought they were a gimmick tool but after trying it I was sold. I have had mine for 8 months now and use it for just about everything. I even use it on the car now, not lug nuts but it will remove just about any other bolt, and no hose to worry about


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            I have the 18v impact driver and really enjoy using it. We have to attach box brackets to metal stuc walls. In some places thicker studs are used and you need a self tapper to attach anything, even then you are pushing on the screw. Once i got my Impact driver i had no problems by the end of the day my wrists weren't sore. One co-worker in the past said you can't use it on those screws, but if you learn when to back off if works great!
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