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    You might want to check these out. While nothing all that great, they are very handy and compact. Most of them can be used with paper throwaway dirt collection bags. I have the little 2 gallon one for use in tight spots where I need to deal with things that would ruin a regular home use vacuum cleaner.


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      VF3500 filter

      Originally posted by Woussko View Post
      While I know it takes a VF3500 filter, not having one here, I can't check if there's any other brand of similar filter that can be used. Please someone, post the inside diameter and length if you do have the filter that came with your machine. This is one reason why I won't buy one for myself. If you can't get needed bags or filters for your vacuum cleaner, then what good is it to you?

      You can get them here;
      Haven't used them. Interestingly they sell Ridgid power tools as well.

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        pro pack filters

        Thanks for all the input you guys I'll try the alternatives


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          Re: Ridgid Pro Pack Vac

          I purchased the Ridgid ProPack WD4550 only to learn that the 2 1/2" hose that comes with it has a 1 7/8" nozzle. I want to connect to my table saw and router table which both have a 2 1/2" connecting port! I've searched everywhere and can't find an adapter to go from 1 7/8" to 2 1/2". I've contacted Emerson Tooling (which actually manufactures the Ridgid products) and they don't make that size adapter. Their response was to buy a hose which has a 2 1/2" tip on both ends (A mere $19.99 at Home Depot)! Does anyone know where I could find such an adapter?


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            Re: Ridgid Pro Pack Vac

            Not sure but the adapter you seek probably goes for $21.99 ! !
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              Re: Ridgid Pro Pack Vac

              I can't be 100% sure this will work, but this adaptor made by ShopVac Corp. is handy to have and fits many things. You normally can find them at ACE or Lowes and sometimes at HD too.


              Keep in mind that in stores the price will be lower than buying direct online.
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                Re: Ridgid Pro Pack Vac

                One thing is for table saw dust this vac will clog its filter VERY quick. I use it for my sanders and miter saw and love it for fitting in my truck but the filter sits so close to the bottom of the bin it needs cleaning constantly. For a big dust maker like a table saw or router it would get overwhelmed super fast. The capacity is no where near 4 gallons in dry use because of the filter sitting in the dust at the bottom.

                I highly recommend it for a space saver and for the power in use but if you have more space I'd get a bigger one for the uses you describe. If you trade it in you can probably get a bigger more powerful model with the hose you need for less. the cost of this one is all in the size and shape.

                I actually just bought a spare filter so I can switch them if one gets too clogged before I get to dump and clean it.
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                  Re: Ridgid Pro Pack Vac

                  I previously posted about not being able to find an adapter to go from 1-7/8" nozzle on my Pro Pack WD4550 to the 2-1/2 " hook-up on my router table and saw table. Well I found the answer in a posting in the General Discussion forum. You just need to buy a 1-1/2 PVC coupler from HD for .35 cents, and it works like a charm! The outside diameter of the 1-1/2 coupling is 2-1/2" and the inside diameter is 1-7/8"

                  Check out this posting, it explains it in more detail:

                  Also go to the information link that he references:

                  I found that the black PVC 1-1/2" coupling works better than the white PVC as the ridge in the inside of the coupling is smaller, therfore the 1-7/8 nozzle fits snugger.


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                    Re: Ridgid Pro Pack Vac

                    In my opinion, Ridgid Pro Vac is the ultimate in industrial shop vacuums. Power, portability, ease of operation, lightweight (empty),size (like a large toolbox)'s got it all! The only way to make it better is to include a telescoping wand attachment when you by it. I'm 6'3" and bending over is not my ideal position. But for waist level or's a breeze! Also, it's a little noisy for home operation, but it picks up everything so quickly the noise is over before the neighbors can ring the door bell!