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    Hello well as istated I just bought the combo router deal . I used it only to put an edge on a couple of 5/4 pine shelves. Heres what I found so far . The router seems well made and thoughtout. I dont get technical I just use it and come up with what I like or dislike . What I like , variable speed, soft start , very comfortable handles, great cut away base with clear sub base aids in seeing. The work L.E.D.s are an added plus. The cord is nice and long enough and I really appreciate the lighted plug with the tool icons. The router runs very smooth . The collet is well machined (looking at it) As of yet I have not tried the plunge base. It comes with a nice orange tote bag and vac. connections wrenches ht. adjustment T handle.Really like the whole kit very much .Sorry I cant get technical but as for me its a big thumbs up RIDGID!

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    Congratulations on your new tool, it sounds like they did their homework on this one. Does the fine adjustment knob have a graduated scale that is in useful increments to the woodworker (like 1/64”) or is it just in some arbitrary number format (1-5)?




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      Hi The adjustment knob can be moved in 64ths at least that is what the manual states . Have not used it yet only the "coarse "one. Overall I really enjoy it . One thing I failed to mention once it is set you have to check that the locking lever nut is tight enough to hold the proper height. I foolishly did not check and while I was trying it out the depth changed. I guess when it was put to gether at the factory they did not tighten as they should have. The manual does clearly explain it . Nice tool!