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Dear Ridgid...way to be with the routers!

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  • Dear Ridgid...way to be with the routers!

    Dear Ridgid -

    Congratulations, a minor feature that you included with your routers convinced me to buy a set.
    I was deciding among the Porter Cable 895PK, the DeWalt DW618PK, and your 2-piece combo kit. HD didn't have the PC, and I needed it this weekend, so my choice was between the other two. I really really wanted the D-handle base that came with the Yellow, but your Orange router came with the ablility to adjust it from above a router table (along with the wrench to do it) which the Yellow did not. As much as I'll regret not having the D-handle, I would have regretted even more not being able to adjust the height above the table had I gone with the DeWalt.
    Keep up the good work.

    Satisfied Customer.

    P.S. - Home Depot does a REALLY crappy job of marketing your router - there wasn't even a display model, for Pete's sake RYOBI had TWO display models. I had to stand on tippy-toes (I'm 6' tall) just to reach where they kept the Ridigd set, where all the other brands are on the floor. Thanks again, and maybe you should think about *****-slapping HD into submission. I think about it all the time.

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    Hey , the more you use the more you will love it. It truly is a nice router . I didnt need variable speed but since it can be table mounted it does have it. I appreciate the long cord, the lighted end on the plug is very helpful to me as i often have at least 5 or more tools across my bench. The cut away base and sub base it another plus. Also it runs so nice beautiful results . It feels great Too!


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      Have you had any troubles with guide bushings? I was using a deep one today, I think it was about 9/16" or so, making some deep plunge cuts, all of a sudden blue sparks were flying everywhere! It took me a moment to figure out that the collet nut was rubbing against the lock collar for the bushing - is this a Ridgid router problem, or are deept guide bushings just plain not compatible with deep plunge cuts?


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        Just got mine today ........

        And my wife loves it almost as much as i do! I was also shocked when she out of the blue in home repo said she likes the smell of wood!!! Can i pick em er what???!!!! She enjoys watching Sci Fi movies and the smell of wood.

        I love how it cam with vacuum attachments for both bases but hate the above table depth adjustment. Why make a nice tool and then include the equivalent of a plastic nut driver? Which i just discoved that my klein 3/16" nut driver works great on it. Since it doesn't come with an edge guide i got the Porter Cable 42160 router edge guide. I just worked on part of my new router table, which will fit on the same folding table i use as a MITRE saw stand and a table saw.
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          Re: Just got mine today ........

          Hi- read your statement about PC edge guide 42160. Does it fit/ work well with your Ridgid? How about a PC 42690?