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  • Ridgid dies

    I was given some older ridgid dies by a friend. They are unused in the package and they are the older double notch that are reversible. some are marked npsm on the packages and some are not marked at all it just says size of die. I have some off the newer ones that are single notched and they are stamped on the end if they are npt or npsm. Is there any way to identifie,these some dont have packages and are marked with size only. Thanks

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    The dies you bought marked "npsm" are straight thread pipe dies. Standard pipe threads are tapered. Meaning that the front of the pipe thread is of a smaller diameter then the back end otf the pipe thread. If you are trying to use them for standard pipe threading they will not work. They are often used for electrical conduit, where a pressure seal is not necessary.

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      typically you need to install a full matched set of dies. #1,2,3,4. sometimes replacing just 1 will work, but they are sold as a set for a reason.

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        Re: Ridgid dies

        The National Electrical code as well as the Canadian Electrical code specifies that we do use tapered threads on conduit. How do you think we get explosion proof ratings as well as wet location installs?