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    Im new to this forum,so bear with me.
    Does anyone have imput on the proformance of the pipe freezer's?

    I manage a assisted living home (100,000 sq ft, 4 floors) and have
    many old risers with valves that need changing. Major incoveince for a
    lot of people on shut downs.If this tool works as advertised it will save
    time and money.Any comments would be great! Thanks

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    lefty. there have been other post on this subject. so as not to repeat all that info again, i will give you a very brief insight.

    to freeze water in a pipe, you need to have the line at a stand still. no water running. or drippy faucets downstream from the freeze heads.

    i own both the #2000 and 2500 superfreezer. they do work if you can stop water flow downstream. they don't if water is flowing.

    a good combination with freezing, is propress to install valves, since you can install them fast and no torch or heat.

    look up some old post on this subject.

    phoebe it is


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      super freeze

      plumber rick,

      thanks for the help, I will continue to do my homework.