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toilet rings - wax or foam

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  • toilet rings - wax or foam

    I had my first adventure in plumbing this week. I went to tighten a loose tiolet bolt and found out that it would not tighten.

    I hestitiatly (after doing some research) removed the bowl (scary for a plumbing rookie) and had to intall a "repair flange" over the existing broken flange. This raised the toilet a little and i did not need both of the 2 foam rings the plumber istalled previously.

    The dilemma comes with the rings themselves. Which is better to use? the wax ring seems a good choice (perfect fit), but so does the foam (no mess, easy to install).

    Is one inherently better than the other or is it a case of preference?

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    I have used both without much of problem. I like rubber gaskets better if you have to stack them otherwise i generally use wax