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Can you re-glue a chipped toilet

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  • Can you re-glue a chipped toilet

    Hey guys,
    I was working in a commercial building doing a remove and reinstall of a crane flush valve type toilet. Ater they tiled I went to reinstall this old toilet and accidentally chipped off the rear corner on the base. I looked around and for what its worth, a brand new toilet would be a waste in this builing where no one cares about looks. So rather than buy a new one I was hoping I could use some kind of contact cement or something to glue this chunk back on. It doesnt have to hold water because its on the base, and its in a spot where it wont affect the leveling or strength. Any suggestions?

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    Epoxy would probably be a good choice in this case.
    RTV would probably work too in a pinch.
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      I've used Gorilla Glue with good results.
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        Re: Can you re-glue a chipped toilet

        I swear by A & B epoxy putty. It's sold in swimming pool stores.

        Unlike the other epoxy putties I've used, this one works better under water. And, out of water, it's very easy to work with if you moisten your hands first. It makes a fabulous seam that looks great on ceramic and porcelain.

        I've used it to repair toilets and tubs, as well as to patch the plaster in the swimming pools.
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          Re: Can you re-glue a chipped toilet

          ya thanks guys, I grabbed some epoxy at my wholesaler and it worked great. The only issue I had was color. The epoxy was gray, creating a problem, so i just put some white dap in the crack and it looked fine.

          let me say again, I would never do this willy-nilly. If i damage something, I'll replace it. But given the circumstances, this was an acceptable fix.

          Thanks Again,


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            Re: Can you re-glue a chipped toilet

            You might try applying white Appliance Epoxy Paint to the area. I usually do this even when I use white epoxy putty.

            If you do use the paint, use a q-tip to apply it. Get a plastic grocery bag, spray the q-tip into the bag, avoiding overspray and making a neat puddle to dip the q-tip into if you need more paint.
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