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1/2" supply line from road, what to do inside?

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    guy's here in the city of los angeles. if you repipe size for size. no plan check is required and it will pass inspection. as long as it's not larger than 1.5'' pipe.

    truthfully, sizing a gas system is much more critical than a single family domestic water line.

    the simple answer was given with 3/4'' and 1/2''. i feel confident that it will work. what non of us know is this a 1 bathroom house or a 10 bathroom mansion

    some of you were around a couple of years ago when the question came up with dirty water when the neighbrhood kids played basketball outside. it took many opinions before the original poster came back to tell us that the house in question was actually a mobile home at a trailer park.

    does this house have wheels

    now if the poster wants to give all the info that is needed to properly size the system, he would have by now. if he wanted the simple answer, he got it by now. i think everyone that has responded has plenty of knowledge of the plumbing code. the question was not to test our knowledge, but to give an answer to a question. if the poster still needs help, they will ask.

    now that that's all done, lets get some more plumbing post out there.
    the carpenters/ woodworkers are stepping all over us plumbers

    lets put this energy into some new post and spread the word

    phoebe it is