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Pressure Assisted w/c

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  • Pressure Assisted w/c

    A customer has an Eljer water closet w/ a pressure assist tank. It leaks from the pressure tank because it is cracked. He wants me to replace pressure tank with standard flush vlv and fill vlv. Can this be done, I mean, are these standard toilet tanks? Thanks!
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    Before you try to make a custom one of a kind toilet which I doubt would flush well enough so as not to clog up all the time, have you tried to find a replacement tank? Eljer parts can be a pain to find, but there are some dealers that sell parts for them. If you can't find the replacement tank, I would recommend replacing the toilet and look at the rapid flush, non pressurized by TOTO. They are simple and they work. Now if you can find a good (just like new) older standard toilet that gives a nice big flush, that might make a good replacement.

    For now, you might just use a pail and flush it that way until you look around at your options. If you do get into total replacement, remember there's way to much junk out there. Install quality and have a happy customer after he/she recovers from the bill. Install a junker that doesn't flush well and you'll never hear the end of it.


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      Thanks, Woussko. So it sounds like you are saying that the tank would not accept standard flush/fill valves as replacements for the existing pressure tank? If thats the case, I will try to sell them on a gravity flush model.
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        You might be able to find a way to install them in the tank, but I doubt you would end up with a good enough flush. You might, but I doubt it. The pressure tank is so that you have a fast flush. Try this sometime and I think you'll get my point. Take a pail and fill it with 1-1/2 gallons of water. Now pour it into the bowl, but over about 10 seconds (count this out) and note the action in the bowl. Next add a little more water slowly to the bowl and wait a minute as you refill the pail again with 1-1/2 gallons of water. Be sure to measure it. Then this time, pour all the water in the pail into the toilet bowl real fast. Note what happens this time. What I have seen is that a good many factory designed non pressurized water saver toilets just can't flush fast enough and when people use lots of toilet paper, the clog up. I recommend the non pressurized "Rapid Flush" made by TOTO. While not cheap, they seem to be well designed and also well made. I do think you should first try to find a replacement pressure tank for the Eljer if you can. If it's big $$$ and/or would be hard to replace, then switch out their toilet for a nice new one. Before going to loads of trouble for yourself, do talk to your customer. Did they like the Eljer before the problems with it? If they really love it, then fixing it may be the right answer. If they aren't in love with it, then see if they will go for the new TOTO rapid flush, non pressurized. There's no use in installing something only to have it cause problems as you'll only hear constant growling. I'm sure you know that one well. Good luck with this.

        I do hope some of the really serious guys like PlumberRick come in and post their thoughts.


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          rafterq, the eljer is a non- common design. the pressure tank is not a sloan style common tank. i know that home depot sells them out here in los angeles.

          you can't convert any pressure tank and bowl combo to be a regular gravity flush.

          if you can't find or purchase the tank, the toto line of toilets with the "g-max" flush are the best.

          phoebe it is


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            Much obliged, Rick...thats what I needed to know.
            "...then there was that dusky gal in Bangkok...real crossway breeder I swear"


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              doesnt work, i tried it