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  • Ridgid 725 Cut Groover

    I am trying to use a Ridgid 725 Cut groover diehead on a 1224 to cut groove Stainless Steel, and I am not having much luck with it. There is plenty of oil present, and I am loading up the hand wheel only 1/4 turn per 2 revolutions of the pipe, and the die head is still slipping off the mark I set it to with the 3/4 wrench. I can cut a groove to about half the proper depth before the adjustment starts slipping. This is a brand new 725, with brand new cut dies

    I have successfully cut grooved stainless in the past with the Ridgid 765 cutoff/grooving tool mounted on a 1224 (in place of the standard 764 cutter on the machine). Ridgid no longer makes the 765, so I am stuck to adapt to the is 725 cut grooving diehead.

    On an off chance, does anyone out there have any 725 experience out there on stainless?



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    Re: Ridgid 725 Cut Groover

    Couple things to try. First tigthen the lock nut on the adjustment cam tighter, and make sure the bent tab of the locknut washer is in the cam slot. Also, even though the manual says to rum at 36 rpm, try running at the 12 rpm setting. This should help on the stainless material.
    Finally if you continue to have problems, call the RIDGID Tech Service Department on their toll free 1-800-519-3456 number. They may have some more ideas.