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1.5" pipe to 2" drain...

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  • 1.5" pipe to 2" drain...

    So I cut the drain off in my shower. Now the drain pipe is just a little below where I need it so I'm wondering how best to bring it up.

    The pipe is 1.5" and the drain base opening is 2". I bought and adapter to go between the two, but obviously since the drain pipe doesn't come up high enough now, I need something to bridge the two.

    So here's my thoughts... I can get a coupler and attach a piece of 1.5" pipe to the existing one, and then use the drain and adapter I've got.

    I'm wondering though whether it would make more sense to get a piece of 2" pipe and use a couple inches of that. Then I'd get a coupler go from the 1.5" to the 2" and then run the 2" into the drain. My concern here is whether having a short length of 2" pipe before the main 1.5" pipe will make a bottleneck that will cause me problems.

    I'm not sure how it would cause problems... but I figure it's not normal so there might be some good reason not to do it. That's what I need you guys for.

    Any suggestions?

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    Re: 1.5" pipe to 2" drain...

    in short, it's not that uncommon for seeing a 1.5'' tub or shower line. i always try to switch the trap to 2'' and then if the customer has no intentions to replace the line to 2'', then i will use a 2x1.5'' reducer. it's not legal, but it's common practice on repairs. make sure you use a reducing coupling and not a n.h. band. the couplinghas a better taper to guide the flow and a snake. the band will cause a bottle neck and be harder to snake. look at them and you'll see.

    hope i didn't put my foot in my mouth as i said it's commom practice, dog


    as i said this is the short answer. got to get to a back to back tub stoppage i'll try for another rat with the new toy (k-39af)
    phoebe it is


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      Re: 1.5" pipe to 2" drain...

      heh. Some day you're gonna post pics of one of those rats and half the members here will stop coming back.

      I really don't have convenient access to the trap to replace it. I'm basically working through a hole in the plywood floor through which I can just reach the pipe itself.

      Realistically, I'm talking about the top 4" or so of pipe here, most of which is the drain itself, so I don't have to worry about guiding a snake. You'd drop it past this point by hand.

      That's exactly the sort of concern I want to hear about though, as I'd have never thought of it.