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How do I mix concrete for the shower floor?

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  • How do I mix concrete for the shower floor?

    Ok, I'm just about ready to pour the concrete for the shower floor pre-slope.

    I've found advice on what to use. Put down the steel mesh, use concrete with a bit of flex additive since it will be pretty thin around the drain, mark the lines from the drain... smooth with floaters... etc.

    My question now is... how so I actually mix the concrete in the bathroom? It's not like I can bring a wheel barrow up the stairs to the master bedroom.

    Just looking for tips. Should I find a great big bucket? Lay some plastic down in the bath tub? Just mix it right in the shower and spread it around?

    Seems to me that the bucket is the best plan... but I figure you guys will know best.

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    Re: How do I mix concrete for the shower floor?

    Most DIY centers will sell a plastic mixing tray for mixing small amounts of mortar or concrete. They are about 2'X3'x8" deep.

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      Re: How do I mix concrete for the shower floor?

      a bent 1/2 or 7/16" rod "L" shaped, and a good 1/2" drill will mix it in a bucket, they may even make a mixer for the bucket, about a 3" bend on the end,

      I think the drywall mixer is to big to mix the aggregate with, (my son in law gets a 7/16" electric steel rod fence post with the triangular support plate about 10" from the end, and cuts off the bottom of the steel rod post leaving the triangular support on the post and chucks that in the drill and uses a bucket, the triangular, shape is about 4" across), he has mixed a lot of small batches with that as a mixer.
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        Re: How do I mix concrete for the shower floor?

        5 gal pail is what I have used with a large mix rod on a drill. Pretty sure you just want to use a sand mix because a regular stone mix will drive you nuts trying to smooth it where it is thin around the drain.


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          Re: How do I mix concrete for the shower floor?

          Whatever you do, don't make a smooth finish. That's a fast ride to Brokenbonesville. Leave the surface a little rough.

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