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  • fastplumber on homes

    how many bad plumbling job do you see in a week? this week i had to fix a house were the owner spent alot of $$$$ renovating. it was done 3 years ago
    by a handy man the job looked ok, it was higher end stuff. there was a smell in the shower so i went the the basment only to find not one fixter was vented,
    not only that, the shower drain was 2" with no p-trap at all, way would that smell ?

    what have you seen out there?

    fastplumber out.

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    Re: fastplumber on homes

    I went to quote a boiler retrofit this week, and they had a 200 k btuh boiler, heating a 12000 square foot house(which is grossly undersized) with only 1 tstat` and to boot not one zone valve or control.Which means the boiler ran at one temperature full out, all 75 loops whenever there was a call for heat.
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      Re: fastplumber on homes

      Does anyone know why I don't see more radiant heet in So. Cal.

      There is only one product i've seen,300 condominiums,that had it in the walls.It was built in the 70's,never saw inside the wall.

      Could this have been done with electricity.

      Never even seen a system.

      I have installed boilers with exchangers,tanks and recirc. pumps.


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        Re: fastplumber on homes

        A lot. I had a call today. WW2 vet, one of my first and best customers, encouraged me to go off on my own, always brags me up at the diner, great payer, etc. Anyhoo, I have been sick and ended up at the E.R. yesterday to discover that my self treated head cold turned into a sinus infection which caused bronchitis. It was cold and snowy with a 30 mile an hour wind so I really didn't want to go out, but Don called and said his sump goes off constantly, but nothing comes out the pipe. I go there, walk around to the back and see the sump discharge 90'ed down to the ground, then 90'ed over a foot, then 90'ed into a 10 foot length of 1-1/2" that was back pitched. We just had a bitter cold spell that has been exposing a lot of hack installations, this being one of them. The line filled up, froze and the pump pressure blew the rubber boot check valve off the riser. There was about 8" of standing water in the crawl. the pump was cycling about every 20 seconds. I luckily had a pair of overboots in the van, and was able to get in the crawl and duckwalk over, unplug the pump, and install a new checkvalve, without getting wet. I spent about a half hour outside reworking and lengthening the discharge. Their gratitude and sincere thanks, plus the check made it worthwhile.

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          Re: fastplumber on homes

          I have seen a new radiant panels that you can use for heating or cooling, they work really really well. They can go up pretty much any where even in t bar ceiling.


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            Re: fastplumber on homes

            one other call years ago i went to fix a t+p valve that was driping on a boiler in a 60 unit building that was installed 10 years before. it was put on backwards!