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Leaking Hot Water System

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  • Leaking Hot Water System

    Anyone able to make a suggestion?

    I have a Hot Water System (mains power) - the horizontal surface on top seems a little 'warped' and a number (many actually) of small water runs are evident from the join 3 cm down from the top horizontal surface. A couple of very small pools of water are evident on the floor (under a cup of water in total).

    Basically - I don't know what has happen. Has there been a blockage and the pressure has built up? Any ideas appreciated.

    Thanks for reading.


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    Re: Leaking Hot Water System

    i would like to help you

    it's not the metric thing that has me stumped, it's the system you have, that i'm confused about

    maybe a picture will help in the translation, mate

    has any local plumber looked at it yet?

    is this a common heater? it might be similar to what we have here, but i don't recognize the brand.

    a little more info will help us in the usa.

    sounds like a heat exchanger and the copper fins are exposed? too much heat? lack of flushing the heat exchanger caused it to get super heated and leak?

    pictures, pictures, and more pictures.
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      Re: Leaking Hot Water System

      Sorry about the lack of photos. The best I can do is give you the URL of the company who's How Water System it is.

      Not sure if that helps. As for a plumber - the landlord is saying that it is 'nothing to worry about', so I'm just trying to get some info from someone who might actually know.

      So any suggestions would be appreciated.

      Thanks alot


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        Re: Leaking Hot Water System

        keoo, rheem is a heater that i'm very familiar with. that's the brand that i use here in the usa

        sill not sure what model you have? can you post a picture of the problem or at least the model # of the product with a little more specific info.

        looks like rheem makes a line of heaters that are for use in Australia and not identical to the usa.

        any more info would be great. especially a real photo.

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          Re: Leaking Hot Water System

          I'm gonna take a stab at translating this into US plumbereeze so to speak

          He has an electric domestic water heater made by Rheem. At this time the model is unknown to us.

          The horizontal surface (top of the water heater jacket I am thinking) is bulged up a bit (from maybe the tank rusting and ready to burst or a leaking nipple under the jacket).

          There is an active but slow leak which can be seen by evidence of water leaking out from under the jacket at multiple locations where the jacket top meets the sides roughly 3 cm (~1-1/8") from the top.

          What to do to fix this is the question I think.

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            Re: Leaking Hot Water System

            Without seeing the water heater there is no way to know for sure what is wrong with it. One possibility which has not been mentioned is the possibility this is simple a leaking nipple in the top of the tank which is dripping through the jacket,

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              Re: Leaking Hot Water System

              Iwould say that if your heater is 10 plus years old then it may be reaching the end of its life.

              Is the heater outside? If thats the case then the water marks at the top might be from rain.By that i mean rain might penetrate the casing and track across the possibly rusty cylinder top and then onto the outside where you see it.Or there maybe a slight leak where the anode screws into the top of the heater.

              Of greater concern is the water on the floor near the heater.Are there any leaks evident from the water connections? Is the TPR valve dripping onto the floor?It should be piped to somewhere it wont cause damage.

              Is there water evident near where the electrical connection penetrates the casing? Perhaps there is a leak where the element goes into the heater?

              If no water is evident at these points you could well have a leak from the cylinder itself.

              Make your concerns clear to your landlord(in writing) just in case you come home to a flood one day.