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  • Add-A-Valve ?

    Anyone here install these ( add a valve) from jomar. Need to install two in hospital hot water line, that I cannot find any shutoff for. Water temp 150 degrees and this is in a sensitive area. they have rubber patches on three areas right now that are leaking. all with in 2 feet of each other. I would like to use propress but cannot get water off or slowed down enough to make that connection safely. Freddy

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    Re: Add-A-Valve ?

    i have never personally used 1, but am familiar with them and my buddy has used them before.

    i have pipe freezers and propress

    a couple of key issues with add a valve. very $$$. also the valve is not intended to be used afterwards as a valve. it was designed to act as a shut off and then a real valve be installed for future use. also make sure you follow the directions very close.

    ps pipe freezing only works if you can stop the flow of water until you freeze the line. this is sometimes not feasible. so using your add a valve might be the only option. also with the condition of the pipe you're working on, pin holes within a couple of feet. i would be very cautious in using this type of valve. the pipe might be too far gone to risk this type of saddle valve

    post your results when finished. i'm curious with all the questions i posed.

    phoebe it is


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      Re: Add-A-Valve ?

      Well the valve was installed but not by me, they did it in-house. I really did not want the liability of that set up. Just have to see what happens over time. thanks rick for your in-put. freddy