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  • toilet closet flange

    i'm renovating a 1/2 bath, and i had to pull up the subfloor due to improper installation, flex and a high joist.

    i would like to cut the pvc toilet pipe so i can get a snug fit around the waste pipe (3" i believe) with the new flooring.

    i suppose you should install a new closet flange after the finished floor is down.

    do you just install a coupler at the cut and then a 3" piece of pvc and then the flange?

    btw, i have access below in the basement, and the riser is fairly long.
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    Re: toilet closet flange

    Depending on the depth of your riser out of the 90,it may be easier to coupling onto the horizontal and put a new 90 and riser.

    I love raised foundation homes.a lot of homes in this area are slab on grade.
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