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    I hate dollar plugs for testing, and have avoided them for years, but I'm in a position where it is much easier to put a waste and vent test on the whole system in this section of the building. I have to seal four floor drains. Through the roof on this test will only be about eighteen feet of head. What are the best dollar plugs around, if any?
    the dog

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    Re: Dollar Plugs

    not sure if i am thinking of the same thing, but if you are refering to the rubber plugs with a wing nut one one side that expands some when tighten, when i lived in maryland and closed my pool at the end of the season i had 2 kinds. the standard black rubber one that o used on 1" and 3/4 lines and a lever operated kind that was a softer red rubber that i got from my pool supplier they were about 2-3 bucks apeice.
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      Re: Dollar Plugs

      dog, at 18' i wouldn't be too woried. we would usually go 4+ stories with good luck.

      it beats the heck out of dynamite in a floor drain.

      if you're really concerned, cut a piece of abs to wedge between the top of the dollar plug and the drain strainer. this will keep it from lifting. at 18' it's a not an issue.

      the standard metal ones are fine. i like to grease the threads so that the wing not will turn, down the road. i also like to use a 3/8'' rod coupling instead of the wing nut. a nut driver is easier than fingers in a floor drain. plus the wing nuts are usually pot metal.

      why do you think they call them a "dollar plug"

      phoebe it is