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Hot water tank wiring.

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  • Hot water tank wiring.

    What is the proper wiring for a hot water tank. red, black, white, and ground comming in to a red and black wire. Which 2 go together. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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    Re: Hot water tank wiring.

    typically the heaters are 230-240 volts for a residential 30-50 gallon.

    if this is the case then the red and black are your 115-120 volt hot legs. wire 1 red from the line to the heater to a red or black lead from the heater. wire the other black wire to the heaters other black lead. typically the white is not used on the heater. wire the green to the green wire or ground screw.

    if your not sure or comfortable, call in an electrician.

    phoebe it is


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      Re: Hot water tank wiring.

      Thanks for the response. Just checked a few things out. The water tank is on a 20 amp breaker. I hooked it up the way you said and all seems well. Weird thing is, i looked at the old heater and it too was the same wiring. When i looked at the wires before hooking it up, it appeared as though the white wire was connected to something. Guessing a screw due to the bend on the end. The red and black wires showed signs of being twisted together. Anything to worry about with leaving it like this. So whats the point of having the white wire there? In the mauel it shows the red wire as being supply 208-240V and the white as 120-277V supply. Thanks once again for the help


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        Re: Hot water tank wiring.

        see my other post


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          Re: Hot water tank wiring.

          I responded to a similiar question with the below response:

          Normally A hot water heater is wired with a 2 wire cable (10/2 NM, UF, etc. )(Black, white and a bare ground conductor. The water heater usually has a Black and Red conductor)The bare ground goes to the green screw. The black and the white are both 110 volt "hot" conductors (the white should be painted or taped black to indicate "hot" -- but in most cases is not). In this case it is wired BLK to BLK, WHT(painted) to RED. Since your supply cable is a three wire I suggest you test to find the two hot leads and connect those to the water heater. If the white is connected to the neutral bar in the panel, I suggest you disconnect and insulate it.