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Ridgid 65R Threader Operation?

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  • Ridgid 65R Threader Operation?

    Purchased used 65R manual threader and tried using it first time and need some help from somebody who has experience w/ one.

    Problem is trying to thread 1" (say) pipe and the dies when closed are at roughly 1-1/4" spacing so they essentially just ride on the outer surface of the pipe instead of cutting a thread. Is there some adjustment or "trick" in assembling to get the dies in the proper position?

    I was unable to find an operator's manual on the "Literature Search" location, only a parts diagram.

    Thanks for any input..

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    Re: Ridgid 65R Threader Operation?

    It would be easier to show you but I'll try to explain. Open the dies all the way out and set the threader to whatever size you want to use (where post goes through hole). Spin the die head til it reaches the starter marks. Do you see those marks? Now close the lever and place die on pipe til cutter teeth come in contact with end of pipe. Tighten the clamp to the pipe and apply oil. Begin threading. When all threads are done open die head lever and spin off pipe.


    Just read your post again. You are sure it's set to 1"? Pipe dies are in closed position? using 1" schedule 40 pipe?
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      Re: Ridgid 65R Threader Operation?

      Thanks, I just figured out my stupidity and came to say I had!

      Being used to the fixed-diameter small dies, I wasn't thinking of the tapered thread and was trying to start in the ending position. I just knew that "STD" marking the thickness of the index plate _HAD_ to have somethng to do w/ how it was supposed to work but took several misses and near-misses before the what should have been obivous became so!

      Thanks again, your explanation was certainly clear enough if I hadn't realized the error of my ways by then anyway, it would certainly have cleared it up...

      -- dpb