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Kwik-Spin cable snapped off

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  • Kwik-Spin cable snapped off

    The g/f was trying to use it and the cable snapped off at the crankshaft. Can it be reattached or is it broke for good?

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    Re: Kwik-Spin cable snapped off

    Besides a picture I have never seen one or held one, and I do not totally under stand what happened, except that the cable broke. (my guess is the cable is just stuffed in to the drum, and if there is still some cable in the drum I would think it would need to come out first and then re feed the front part of the cable back in to the drum, the set screw will need to be loosened, normally turn it so the cable is tightening)

    But here is the web page,

    I don't see a manual or a parts break down, but there is a link to tech services and a place to email them if that would be easier.
    Here is the link to the phone number of Plumbing Products
    Tech Services

    there are replacement cables available for the unit,
    #14013 Replacement Cable, Kwik-Spin/Power Spin 1⁄4" x 25' Cables
    so there is some way of replacing it,
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