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Foul clean-up job

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    Re: Foul clean-up job

    Speak of the devil; I called a client earlier today to schedule an inspection of her home where the bottom floor of her three story condo was flooded from a main line stoppage in her complex. The remediation company came in and tore out her cabinet, fixtures and walls, made a containment area and set up their HEPA filters.

    She was hoping to have me do some camera work this week after they took down the containment area. Unfortunately she called tonight to report she failed her clearance test so we have to wait until next week before we can go in. Next week I am working out of State so I will likely have to try and hire someone to camera the job for me. As much money as this is costing this poor homeowner I am fairly certain she will end up in litigation with her HOA.


    BTW: Isn’t Century City in your service area Rick?
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