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extension closet auger

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  • extension closet auger

    Hello folks . Has anyone used the extension closet auger yet ? It extends to 6' . I like the idea of being able to go beyond the horn and into or past the bend , but it seems like it could be cumbersome , even the three footers can be a bugger in certain stalls or recessed water closet areas

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    Re: extension closet auger

    I have used the general 6' auger for years and I like it so far. It can break a plastic horn though. Pulled out a steak bone recently. Kids like to make work for the auger


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      Re: extension closet auger

      i do like the general 6' telescoping auger over the ridgid

      use a regular bulb end, not a drop head, especially in the low flow toilets.

      phoebe it is


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        Re: extension closet auger

        I'll have to try the extension auger then.......a few years back in Vegas I was augering a home when the neighbor walked in , said she seen my truck and said she had a problem with one of her toilets too.In the first home I was able to retreive a yogart container from the w.c. , I went to the neighbors and pulled out a similar container , it seems the child played in her home as well....what a great call[s]. I almost gave the kid a kick back.