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Why do my pipes sound like a fog horn?

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    Re: Why do my pipes sound like a fog horn?

    "I turned off the toilet upstairs and the pipes stopped making noise. Now im not sure if its the thing on left ( tall valve I suppose)or the thing on the right with the flapper that lets the water go into the bowl.
    Thanks for help so far."

    The thing on the left is your toilet fill valve. Replace it with fluidmaster 400
    fill valve, and the flapper is on the right, also replace toilet supply pipe as mention in my other post.


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      Re: Why do my pipes sound like a fog horn?

      Originally posted by freddy View Post
      Al though the almost famous rick, agreed with how to find out if toilet may be leaking.The fix for this would be to change the fill valve with a fluidmaster 400 valve and new flapper, just to save you a trip to the hardware store. Pick up new flex S/S connector for a new toilet supply. could be high pressure problem but it dose not sound like the problem you have described.
      The sound is caused by washer in refill valve worn out cheaper to replace with new fluismaster 400 valve IMO
      Thanks I will do that tommorrow.I had toilet off all day and thats definately the culprit.


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        Re: Why do my pipes sound like a fog horn?

        Good Evening,

        Relative newbie here (I love this site!) to both plumbing and this forum.

        I've been trying to isolate the dreaded Fog Horn noise in my house. It was built in 2004, so the plumbing is fairly new. I've turned off all toilets (at the valve in the back of the toilet, going into the wall,) and the problem persists. I can't seem to narrow it down to any particular activity either - it's very random, and happens sometimes with a shower, sometimes just washing my hands in a sink. Someone suggested it may be a water pressure problem with the house. Would anyone have any idea? Any advice is greatly appreciated!



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          Re: Why do my pipes sound like a fog horn?

          When people say 'fog horn sound' are they talking about water hammer?



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            Re: Why do my pipes sound like a fog horn?

            thanks for putting me on that i missed list buddy

            Originally posted by PLUMBER RICK View Post
            thanks for the compliment. my wife hates to read these praises.

            fortunatly the forum is getting alot more regular posters and guys that really love their work. westcoast and crappy would be good go to guys.

            dirtyhands is also sharp, but more of a ruff in guy.

            mark/ utah is great but typically a night poster

            bob d is amazing with links and knowledge.

            bhd is also amazing.

            wousoko is wousoko

            and for all the rest i forgot, sorry. especially the canadians.

            almost forgot about the dog. dog is very sharp but sometimes very ruff,ruff

            Originally posted by PLUMBER RICK View Post
            brent, i quoted you. that's a hugh compliment in this case

            true, you haven't been here long and i'm not good with names.

            i guess if you start to ruffle the feathers, i will take more notice.

            prior to the junior, sr. member status, there was a rating system to rate other members.

            problem is, it was more of a popularity poll.

            if the old system was still in place, i would give you 2 thumbs up

            like i said sorry to all the members i missed.

            sort of like the thank you speeches for the academy awards. you get 30 seconds and then the music starts. there's always going to be people you skip.

            30 seconds is now up


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