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50557 Pump Test

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  • 50557 Pump Test

    Is anyone familiar with the Ridgid 50557 Pump Test?

    The specs are sparse and no-one in any local supplies knows of this unit. Does anyone know if it is air only or if it takes a water input and will use that to pressurize a system? I need to pressure test a CPVC system at 200psi with water and need to know if this unit will do it. Alternatively, I could fill it with water and back it with air if this unit does not do water... but I am just looking for a cheap way to safely get 200psi in a CPVC system.

    Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Re: 50557 Pump Test

    When you open the link click on the owners manual.

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      Re: 50557 Pump Test

      If you have access to a pressure washer you can do this method. Rig it up like this --pressure washer hose--ball valve--tee w/pressure gauge on branch(middle)--fitting to connect to pipe(I use a 1/2 copper line with a sharkbite to connected to the pipe I want to pressure test. You will need to go from mechanical threads to npt but the guys at HD can help you.

      -Isolate your new work from your existing using a valve. Fill your line w/ water and bleed off/out the air whever you have access to a valve. Angle stops are a good place. Your water heater cannot be pressure tested because the pt valve will blow.

      -When you get a steady stream of water coming out, close the valve and turn on the p. washer. When you reach 200 psi, close the ball valve on the manifold and turn off your pressure washer. Check for leaks.

      -Filling the line w/ water then air won't do any good because the air will get absorbed and the pressure the drop regardless. I've pressure tested 12" waterlines 400' long at 140 psi with a pressure washer. Good luck.

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        Re: 50557 Pump Test

        I forgot, to make that setup will cost around $40.
        Buy cheap, buy twice.