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K-1000 Rodder Machine

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  • K-1000 Rodder Machine

    I currently own a K-1500 SP sectional machine. I am considering purchasing a K-1000 Rodding machine but i'm not to familiar with the rodder. can someone please explain to me what applications the rodder can be used for instead of the sectional machine? how does the rodder work different from the sectional machine? and i notice that the rodder only has a 5/16 cable seems kinda small to clean 8 to 24 inch lines. i guess i'm not sure exactly how the rodder works can someone please explain?

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    Re: K-1000 Rodder Machine

    Sound like it would be great for long straight runs. and only outside use. Never used one my self.


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      Re: K-1000 Rodder Machine

      There is a reason it is called a "rodder" as it does not use cables it uses rods. It has a powered transmission which drives the rod down the line while rotating. To remove the rods you put it in reverse. It is for straight main lines like you would find running down the middle of the street. Unless you do a lot of municipal work it would not be worth it.

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        Re: K-1000 Rodder Machine

        buy the trailer jetter and stay away from a rodder. the city is phasing out rodders and moving towards the combination trucks. a vacuum and a jetter machine. a cool $300-400k.

        the rodder is old school.

        phoebe it is