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to vent or to breath?

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  • to vent or to breath?

    Hey all!

    This must have been asked 1000s of times... but here's my question about venting a bathroom remodel...

    i live in quebec, canada. winters are cold. the house is old (1905).

    on the second floor, there is already a bathroom that... i really took apart... and that i am remodeling. above that floor, it it the roof.

    the room is 14' x 7'. the stack vent is in a corner. the toilet i took away was about 16" from the stack connected using a lead elbow. the stack is all cast iron and is 4". from the roof to the basement where it connects to the sewer line there is about 30'...

    i plan on moving the toilet to the far end of the room, add a shower and move the tub closer to the stack. of course, a bathroom without a sink isn't a bathroom...

    the drawing i've added shows what i want to do.

    now... my question is... will i need extra venting? the existing toilet was functionning perfectly (plenty of flow, and plenty of whirl) leaving no gifts behind after each flush...

    i must add that next to that room is the laundry room which connects to the stack. the kitchen which is on the first floor connects also to that stack... and a single toilet on the first floor connects to another waste line from that stack.

    so... what da ya sa?

    thanks in advance for all your help!
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    Re: to vent or to breath?

    There is a few things I see wrong with your drawing but I'll only address your venting question.

    If you have done demo in the bathroom you should find a vent behind the lavy and possibly the tub wall.

    Those vents will likely tie back into the cast iron or up through the roof independently.

    You will need one or both of these vents to vent this bathrooms new layout.

    p.s. I was curious what Latexia was.
    Now I wished I hadn't Googled it
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      Re: to vent or to breath?

      Hi PC!

      Well... after taking the 4 walls down... i can assure you that there is *no* vent anywhere in that room.

      What I can say though is that with the old bathtub, it was somehow 'slow' to drain, but after taking it out, the reason was a HUGE hair clog that even Drano/LiquidPlumber could not unclog... and that pipe was just 1 1/2". I'll beef this one up to 2" anyhow...

      So... back to venting... as I was saying there is no vent in the bathroom, all going to the stack and was working properly... My only concern is will I need ventig *after* all my work is done?

      I've added a temporary toilet onthe first floor, connecting it to the basement sewer without venting it, using 3" pipes (2 x 90deg plus about 20' of abs pipes) and it works like a charm... so I was under the impression that it would be the same for the upstair main bathroom...

      Am I doing something wrong here?

      Thanks for your time!


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        Re: to vent or to breath?

        Originally posted by latexia707 View Post
        My only concern is will I need venting *after* all my work is done?
        You need venting *BEFORE* your work is done.

        So no vents in the existing bathroom? hmmm... the lavy drain must have connected to the stack or with an 'S' trap.

        Codes have changed alot since 1905 and with good reason. Your new piping diagram won't meet any code. Not to say the toilet won't flush.

        That's one big bathroom and you may not like cutting a hole in the roof or back into the cast iron for a vent; you need one for those fixtures to drain properly. You may want to use an automatic air vent in the attic space above the insulation if it's accessible.

        A 2" shower drain with the proper strainer can handle ALOT of water. Don't go to 3" your shower isnt that big even if you have multiple showerheads.
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          Re: to vent or to breath?

          thanks pc!

          well... the main stack goes to the roof... i thought about this last night... i might just go 90deg from the toilet to the shower and then run the pipe to the stack some 14' away...

          at any rate, i'll have a master plumber evaluate what's needed in terms of venting this thing... and i'll let u know what s/he says!

          thanks for ur time!


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            Re: to vent or to breath?

            I have no idea what Plumbing code Canada follows, but IMO..I think the toilet is too far away from the stack now. I find it hard to believe that will let you go 14' away from a vent for a 3" sewer line.

            If it were me..I would leave the toilet where it is...cause it's much easier to pipe 1-1/2 & 2" vent and back vents..then it is to move a 4" stack.

            There has to be some major back venting going on there..I also see you have a laundry marked down there as well. I don't know my D.F.U's off the top of my head, but that is cutting it close for all those fixtures and 1-4" vent. I also don't know your Plumbing code either may all be legal where you are.
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              Re: to vent or to breath?

              i too wish i did not googal latexia, eeeep
              im a plumber from alberta so our codes are preaty well the same except for a coupl of province specific badentments. you are short on vents big time on your bathroom. if i was ther doimg the work i woul vent the toilet, bathtud, and sink with individual vents. you can never have too many vents in tour system. the laundry needs a vent as well
              how is it that so many answers are in the instructions


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                Re: to vent or to breath?

                We are different in many ways but I have to say a vent is required. Also why muck around with 3" pipe, I would use 4" for cheaper fittings and easier. Only an opinion from downunder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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                  Re: to vent or to breath?

                  latexia. googled latexia, love it, love it, love it. but i'm an old hippy. what can i say? breid......................