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testing new sewer line

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  • testing new sewer line

    Whats an easy to test your new sewer system before having to hook up your toilet and shower? making sure all is vented and drains a ok..

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    Re: testing new sewer line

    It would be easier if we knew where in Kansas you are as there is not a State wide Plumbing Code in Kansas. However, the testing requirements for both the IPC and the UPC are pretty much the same. As far as testing the performance there is no test because if you installed it per the Code it will work. You do however need to test the new piping to make sure it does not leak.

    The water test requires you block all of the openings in the new pipe and block the drain line. You then need to fill the pipe with water to a point 10' above the highest fitting. The air test is the same except that you have to fill the system with 5 psig of air. Either test would be legal but I prefer the water test.

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