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Major Leak of Air Blower Drain Pan

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  • Major Leak of Air Blower Drain Pan

    Hello all. I know next to nothing about plumbing, but I know it's better to learn from pro's than to simply pay a company a 3rd time to come out and mess thing up even more.

    Here is what I have, a late 80's house in Arizona. I have a air blower and filter inside the house in a closet of sorts...
    Recently (2-3 days) after the AC guy came to do a matainence check, we noticed some of our saltillo floor tiles cooler than the others and a bit damp to the touch. See PIC #1 They are located on the floor just outside the closet for the Air Blower and other in-house AC equipment See Pic # 2 (Sorry for lack of proper terms and lingo...learning as I go). I opened the floor vent, removed the filter and found about an inch of water on the floor See Pic# 3 (obvious source o the H2O under he tile. I shop vaced out the H2O, removed my Air Blower panel, and noticed it was all wet around the front of the drain pan See Pic #4
    Now I looked inside the drain pan between the filters.. See Pic #5
    I found a rusted drain pan with a build of of..gunk (maybe accumulater wet dust?!?) Any way I scraped and vacumed it out. I also vaced out the water built up in the pan.
    Here is my question...In looking at the p Trap See Pic # 6 do I need to cut out the section circled, install a verticle T coupling and run a pipe above the drain point so I can allow H2o built up to evaporate and not build up? (THink I read that somewhere while searchign what to do)
    I am not sure of the exact source of the leak, but I believe it is from the small coller pipe that seems to run from the inside of the pan to the outside of the pan...with a hole in the top part connecting it to the inside of the drain pan. ( I would include a pic, but its already hard to see more or less snap a photo of. )
    But in PIC # 7 the outside of this copper pipe is circled. I find it odd this copper pipe (seems to be a drain pipe of sorts I have no real clue) could just jut out if the drain pan and not be capped or run off to anywhere. I do know however that when the drain pan was full of water, I could put the vac up to this pipe and water would get sucked out from the pan. didnt seem to flow quickly from it unless sucked out....but it was a bit blocked with debre.

    Here are my questions...
    What would you suggest my leak problem stems from? (if you need more visual let me know and I'll do my best..

    And how would you suggest I fix it?

    I am trying to avoid calling the air guy out again. this problem didnt occure until shortly after a routine matiance visit...I'd like to learn a bit about this on my own.

    Thanks...PICS 4 thru 7 are in the next to view print and details...

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    Leo Reynolds

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    Re: Major Leak of Air Blower Drain Pan

    Pics 4, 5 , 6, 7, ect...

    Thanks Again

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    Leo Reynolds


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      Re: Major Leak of Air Blower Drain Pan

      I believe that is a First Company air handler. The open pipe is your secondary overflow. The overflow only has water in it when your primary drain is clogged. Verify your primary drain is draining properly and then find a place outside of the closet to pipe your overflow.


      PS: Actually I would try to verify which of those two lines is really the primary. In the picture they almost look reversed. The primary drain should be the lowest outlet of the two.
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        Re: Major Leak of Air Blower Drain Pan

        leo, based on your photos, it appears that this has been going on for a long time.

        i would also agree with mark that the pvc drain looks like it's hooked up to the higher of the 2 outlets. there is only approx. 3/4'' difference between the primary/ lower outlet, and the overflow higher outlet. are you connected properly?

        i would also check for proper drainage on the black abs pipe it's connected to underneath. disconnect the pvc and use the shop vac. to create suction on both the pvc line and then the abs line.

        if it's worked in the past, it will work again. it apperars that this has been going on for a longer time than you're aware of.


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          Re: Major Leak of Air Blower Drain Pan

          your condensation drain pipe my be clogged with lint or other, I would want to make sure it is open and able to flow water.

          and or are the refergerant lines frosting up when it is running and then melting all over the place?
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            Re: Major Leak of Air Blower Drain Pan

            Did the so called A/C mechanic say anything about a possible leak?

            A good mechanic would have checked the drain pan for gunk and verify the drain was working properly.

            Fix the drain issues but keep in mind the condensate pan may be a source of the long term leak.


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              Re: Major Leak of Air Blower Drain Pan

              you should have a drain pan under the unit . did the unit freeze up .
              if you have a drain pan under the unit put a small float switch in it that will shut off the unit if the pan fills up and will not flood the house .

              i would call the service man back and ask what did they do .he should have blown out the trap .if you put a new trap try this .that way you can see if it is clogged

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