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Shower Door Expanders.

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  • Shower Door Expanders.

    We are wishing to install shower doors in our bathrooms, but the wall openings of both are greater than the widest shower door that we can find. We could, of course, go custom, but then we are talking about much more money.

    I was given information that I could purchase 'Shower Door Expanders' (or 'Extenders', I should say) to meet this concern, but haven't been able to find any such item anywhere. Would anyone know where I might be able to locate these? If not, how might I be able to fashion something to shorten the distance? I only need to come in about an inch on each side.

    Advanced thanks.
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    Re: Shower Door Expanders.

    if your able to purchase the aluminum channel that sits against the wall, you can extend the side jamb a little longer to make up that inch.

    with customs, you get glass choice, frame choice, and custom fit. see what the difference of price is compared to an off the shelf door.

    phoebe it is


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      Re: Shower Door Expanders.

      What Rick said,

      We had three custom doors made when we build our home and if I remember correctly, the cost was not much more or I would have b**tched until she let me build standard size openings.