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Possible Rear Discharge Toilet?

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  • Possible Rear Discharge Toilet?


    I have read many of the threads in this forum concerning the use of wall mounted and/or rear discharge toilets which putting in a bathroom in a basement. Here is my quick question that I hope you guys might be able to help me with.

    My house has two 4" soil stacks located in the basement. One stack (back of the house) runs to the main floor (one story house) and is used to drain the toilet, bathroom sink, and kitchen. This 4" main runs into the concrete and turns towards the street. On the other side of the basement, another 4" stud comes out of the floor which I have included a picture of. This stud is used to drain the kitchen sink as well as the dishwasher.

    My initial plan was to bust the concrete and install a proper rough in for my downstairs bathroom toilet. I should preface this with telling you that I have very handy as I have remodeled 90% of this house and tend to do overdo everything in terms of safety and quality of work.

    I was reading about busting the concrete when i heard about the rear discharge toilets. I want one with an exposed cistern which I know a few companies produce. The majority of the toilets seem to have a CL distance of the discharge at 4 - 4.5 inches off of the finished floor but I have also found one that is 7.5 inches.

    My question is, can I cut/break away some of the concrete around the 4" stud I have and replace it with a new T system that would allow me to get lower enough to the floor so that I may discharge into the 4" stud?

    The horizontal run from the back of the toilet to where the 4" stud is would be about 2 feet. Also, the stud is located about 10 inches off of the concrete wall.

    I also do not wish to put in a wall hung with a hidden cistern due to the cost.

    Thanks for any help guys.

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    Re: Possible Rear Discharge Toilet?

    Yes ,it is possible for a rear outlet toilet,but you will have to break up a bit more concrete to install at least 3"wye down-stream of a new sanitary "t" to pick-up the 2 fixtures shown in the photo,also there are floor mounted rear outlet toilets and wall hung r.o. toilets that need the proper closet hanger to support the toilet,after calculating the cost of the closet hanger it is more cost effecient to just go ahead and break up the floor and rough in for a standard floor mounted WC.Stud = Stack,cistern= tank.Check out Kohler or Am.Standard and the Jay R. Smith co.


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      Re: Possible Rear Discharge Toilet?

      You would be in better shape to open up the floor and install a standard floor mount, floor outlet toilet. While you have the floor open and are working with the drain pipes, you can fix your washer drain to bring it up to code. You have a P trap in your picture that has no vent. That makes it more like an S trap. The trap can be sucked dry, letting sewer gases come into your home.