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  • Which water filter for my new 'fridge?

    I just purchased a new GE fridge, which has a water/ice dispenser. I want to put on an external filter, and I don't know which one to buy. I also only have access to a pipe from the floor above. I plan to install a T & a ball valve, then run 1/4" tubing down to the fridge. I can run the tubing through a cabinet, where I'd like to put the filter.
    Any tips on which filter to use &/or installation would be appreciated.


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    Re: Which water filter for my new 'fridge?

    Typical installation would be to connect in the cold water supply under the sink. The supply is usually 1/4". Don't use a saddle tap. Actually tee the line to the icemaker line or use a 1/2"x3/8"x1/4" angle stop. Not sure on type of filter. Just make sure it's accessiable and matches the contaminates in your house. If you have the space you can mount the filter under the sink and run the lin to the icemaker from there.
    Buy cheap, buy twice.


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      Re: Which water filter for my new 'fridge?

      Most new fridges that have dispensers usually have a built in water filter...yours doesn't?

      Aquapure makes a nice product and not too spendy.

      Stock up on extra filters so you have some on hand.


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        Re: Which water filter for my new 'fridge?

        I agree with ben, do not use a saddle tap, the great thing about using a tee off the cold, is if you ever have a problem with either the faucet or the fridge, you don't have to turn the water off to both, just one or the other



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          Re: Which water filter for my new 'fridge?

          Aqua-Pure inline water filter for ice makers and such. I've seen them and they are compact. You can sneek one behind the fridge easy.

          I would think it might be better to install a larger filter canister and filter all the cold water in your kitchen. Such would go under the sink.