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Can I reuse the fittings?

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  • Can I reuse the fittings?

    I read online on how to join copper pipes. Most of places tell me don't reuse the fittings if the joint leaks. If that is true, it will be expensive sometime. If I try to mount a pump but the joint fails. That means I should throw the pump away?

    How do you guys handle the joint failure? throw away valves and fittings or just clean them and resue them?

    Why they suggest using new fittings? The used fittings are hard to clean?

    I have done several joints and no leak so far but I am neverous because I am going to mount a sweat pump today or tomorrow.



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    Re: Can I reuse the fittings?

    I will let the pro's who do this stuff everyday answer your question about the reuse of fittings.

    On the topic of the pump. If you are nervous about soldering the pump in, I would call a plumber and have him do it. You dont want to overheat the pump and ruin some seals, impeller, etc.



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      Re: Can I reuse the fittings?

      if it`s an OLD fitting dont reuse it!

      If it`s a new one and you just didnt install it right, pull it off and reclean it and reinstall it.

      kinda a no brainer