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    Re: Replacing cast iron stack (pic heavy)

    Hi Jerry,how was your day today.Glad to see you posting.Check your P.M.'s


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      Re: Replacing cast iron stack (pic heavy)

      After a long day of listening to customers tell me my estimates are too high, that I shouldn't have any problem working for $10 an hour, I enjoy coming online and answering their questions on how to do it themselves for free.

      Here's a thought...if you'd like freebies from a plumber...start by NOT insulting him or his trade first.

      I literally thought I was reading a practical joke after the first few lines.
      No, you won't be "hiring" me either.


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        Re: Replacing cast iron stack (pic heavy)

        I have to laugh whenever I hear that you pay a plumber for his knowledge and experience and "peace of mind in knowing the job is done right the first time". When I changed what my municipality called a basement toilet room to a powder room, I had a licensed plumber pull a permit for adding a lavatory and, as the CI waste line was on the basement slab, not below it, I decided to replace the platform the original toilet sat on. For "peace of mind", and at the plumber's suggestion, I had him replace the lead bend which ran into the main CI waste line via a CI "y" fitting. His workman, who himself was a journeyman plumber, cut the lead bend where it had been leaded into a CI "y" bell fitting. He used banded couplings of the proper size to join the new lead bend to the remainder of the old lead bend. PLumbing inspector came and pronounced all rough work approved.
        Being a belt and suspenders type, I put a plug in the lead bend and ran every plumbing appliance I could find above the proposed powder room. And guess what. The new banded coupling of old lead to new lead leaked. Not much, and it was with sinks , a bathtub, dishwasher and clothes washers draining, but it leaked. Had I relied solely on the professionals as I rightly should have, I could have closed up the platform that surrounded the drain line, tiled it, finished the entire powder room only to have waste water and material draining into the freshly built and tiled platform. The plumber, when advised of the leak, had the same joureyman return, smooth out the edges of the remaining portion of the old lead bend and remake the original connections using the same couplings. End of leak.
        While a plumber may have a license, that is no guarantee that the work will be done properly. I have found that to most tradesmen, your home is a "job". At the end of the day, they go home and, in some cases, leave their trade problems at your home. I would like to rely on tradesmen, but those I have encountered profesionally have largely been disappointing.
        No disrespect is intended here. I know plumbing can be a tough job. I have first hand experience with CI, copper, PVC, and black and galvanized pipe. But, as a civilian, in those situations where permits are necesary and the local municipallity forces homeowners to go to plumbers because only they can pull permits, how does one know that the party with the license really knows what they are doing or that they have the skill to do it properly?
        there's a solution to every just have to be willing to find it.


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          Re: Replacing cast iron stack (pic heavy)

          Yup,You are absolutely right.You have read the ever so popular thread by Plumber Rick on underqualified contractors and inspectors YES? YES,good.So now we are on the same page.We see what you the homeowner see's.The work that is being done by 9 out of 10 companies is unacceptable in one way or another.Rip off pricing,substandard installations or unenforced code violations.

          The only way for you to better protect yourself from the nine is to inquire with people you trust on who they use.How does one find a pediatritian for their baby.


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            Re: Replacing cast iron stack (pic heavy)


            Go ahead an do-it yourself and quit complaining about the price you were given. Your ignorance is bliss in the fact that you have no idea what running a honest and reputable plumbing business is all about.

            Good luck with that, please take pics of your work when your done.
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