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PVC cutter tool failure

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  • PVC cutter tool failure

    sorry for this basic ?? but my pvc cutter keeps on failing

    they seem to be very cheaply made and I cannot find a pair that works much longer than a month

    what brand of pvc/cpvc cutter do you use and how long should i expect them to last?


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    Re: PVC cutter tool failure

    If you buy em from a "box store" use it once and get another. I brake em all the time


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      Re: PVC cutter tool failure

      I like the rothenberger with the pointed blades. I also have the new ridgid cutters they do the job but you have to open them really wide to cut one inch. My biggest problem is losing them.


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        Re: PVC cutter tool failure

        Try a ridgid cutter like you would use for copper - but get the plastic cutting wheel...
        That is all I use for plastic up to 2" - from 2" to 4" I use a large Reed cutter with a plastic wheel...


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          Re: PVC cutter tool failure

          What size pvc are you trying to cut? I have an old ridgid cutter for up to 2" that says "made in Japan" that's similar to the ones you see at HD with the ratcheting handle. I needed a new blade and the cheapest I found was 55.00 so I bought the one at HD for 30 and transferred the blade onto my ridgid and it works great.
          Buy cheap, buy twice.


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            Re: PVC cutter tool failure

            i run a knife sharpener on my blade when it gets dull ,works good

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              Re: PVC cutter tool failure

              Originally posted by ChrisConnor View Post
              My biggest problem is losing them.
              Man I know thats I have 3 in my trailer and I cant ever find just one....rotflmao