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Is this a code violation?

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  • Is this a code violation?

    Hello All,
    New guy here! Are the vertical cleanouts purposely left as shown to prevent
    waste from backing up into the house? I was just wondering if that was the
    intended purpose since it saved me from a possible disaster!!!
    Thanks, Z
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    Re: Is this a code violation?

    Wow,I'm not the only one who forgets.

    Naw,it was never finished.

    (lead and oakum).



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      Re: Is this a code violation?

      looks like the lead and oakum was removed at 1 time.

      as long as this is not in an area that will get flooded/ damaged with a backup, you're fine. if this area is inside or under a house, fix it.

      it's always nice to have a cleanout loose to prevent a stoppage from backing up inside the house. but it's worse if it's loose and goes un-noticed in an area that can cause damage.

      where is this located?

      phoebe it is


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        Re: Is this a code violation?

        It's located under my parent's house just outside the screened in area where
        I usually hose down the lawn mower, cars etc. Also, whenever someone uses
        the washing machine the water drains there too unless it's re-directed to the
        dog kennel a few feet away. Regardless, w/10 dogs the area is washed down
        weekly and usually smells like lemons from the disinfectant or Gardenia & Pika-
        ke flowers because my mom has a green thumb! Thanks Guys!
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