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American Standard Vent-Away 2003 Rebuild

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  • American Standard Vent-Away 2003 Rebuild


    I recently purchased a very cool Mid-Centry Modern house with 3 American Standard 2003 Vent-Away toilets from the early 60s. I would like to rebuild them. I know they will be expensive, but I want to stay with vintage stuff. Do they make a rebuild kit, all rubber parts & gaskets? Is there any directions as to how they function. I don't mean how to use them, but what all the parts do? Where would I find resonable parts for these?

    The house sat empty for about two and a half years so maybe there are common things that go bad or just get gunked up. Also it looks like the innards are either original or have been replaced with OEM parts.

    A couple of them you have to hold the side push button in for quite a while before it flushes propery. Once they flush they swirl just fine. If it were a regulat toilet I would tighten the chain so it pulls the flapper up higher, but the chain is as short as it can go. Also both of these fill slowly! I found on one of them I can mess with the water control assembly and can get it to fill at an acceptable rate. We have a hard water and I suspect that deposits and age may the problem.

    The one I use the most seems to work ok, but the vent-away feature does not seem to work on that one. In my searches it sounds like they never worked very good when they were new. So I am not to worried about that feature. I am going to have a party with about 60 people this month and want to make sure all the toilets work properly for that. Any help would be apreciated.

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    Re: American Standard Vent-Away 2003 Rebuild

    guy, not sure if i would consider the vent a-way toilets vintage.

    glad you understand that the vent feature doesn't work.

    parts are available and they are very pricey. typically a ballcock and back flow preventer along with the flush valve is the fix. the handle sometimes get sticky. usually some wd40 and wire brush.

    don't even think of replacing the vent a way unit as this is a waste of money.

    problem is it's not a vintage toilet and the parts are over $300.00 per toilet. also the toilet seat is $150.00 plus. the time to do the seat is when you have the old parts out. then you can get to the seat bolts.

    i wouldn't spend the money on these toilets unless they match custom colors with the other fixtures (sink, tub, bidet, urinal)

    the parts are available from a good american standard distributor. but be prepared for a credit check

    phoebe it is


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      Re: American Standard Vent-Away 2003 Rebuild


      Thanks for the suggestions, maybe I should reconsider fixing them. I may gamble on the plunger repair kit and see how it goes..I mena flows!
      Anyway Thanks again for the suggestions. Hey is that a snake on your avitar? I guess it is not the typical plumbing snake.


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        Re: American Standard Vent-Away 2003 Rebuild

        Yep! It gave me nightmares the first time I saw it--I was screaming in my sleep
        I love my plumber

        "My Hero"

        Welcome, Phoebe Jacqueline!