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sump pump pit size vs. sump pump output

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  • sump pump pit size vs. sump pump output

    I currently have 2 - 1/3 hp sumps in my pit (24" deep by 15" wide) and I have flooded my basement 4 times when the rains are heavy. I want to know if I make the pit bigger or bore an adjacent pit will it help my issue. and/or......When it's really bad the water does not come only form the pit it comes in through the cove, wall/floor all around. I am in a very high water table area, but due to the weirdness of my house, I receive all the adjacent houses run off. I am the funnel. So......I have buried my gutters, I evacuate the water to a 3 foot dia storm drain, I just need to get the water out of here faster I feel. I want the biggest baddest sump to do this for me, because when it storms it runs forever and for 3-4 days afterwards usually.

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    Re: sump pump pit size vs. sump pump output


    Is there a way to catch some of the water before it gets into your basement? If you can, please post some pictures of the landscape around your home and especially areas where there are floods after it rains an hour or so. The idea of to do anything reasonable and effective to get rid of the water before it enters the basement.

    You also want to do what you can to keep humidity under control. Mold and mildew along with wood rot can be serious issues.


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      Re: sump pump pit size vs. sump pump output

      I will be happy to send some lanscape pics, there is no mold or rot, as of yet, the fact is we get a lot of water here and I get the worse of it. It's just one of those things......the guy next to me never heard his sump cycle in 7 years. I also have pea gravel driveway that I can not afford to do anything about at this time. That of course adds very much to the problem.

      anyways.......I feel I need a killer sump pump that move as much as possible per minute. When it's bad these two pumps work, non stop, and you barely see the water level move in the pit, that's how aggresive it is.


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        Re: sump pump pit size vs. sump pump output

        You need to see a qualified water proofer not a plumber.


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          Re: sump pump pit size vs. sump pump output

          Originally posted by plumberscrack View Post
          You need to see a qualified water proofer not a plumber.
          More then likely.....

          Whats the size of your discharge piping??? 2" or more????

          Man, I would hate to hear about your basement if you ever lose power, do you have a back up generator, that will kick on instantly if you lose power???

          Um, have you talked to your neighbors with your flooding problems. If they can put up gutters or whatever they can do to alleviate water heading towards you house. If you do not get along w/them, go to your city council and explain to them your situation. There could be an ordinance that your neighbor as well as yourself, must comply too, because of flooding control. This is just a thought.
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