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new angle valve?

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    Re: new angle valve?

    Yes, that's our place beside the highway. And thank you for the kind words!

    You are correct to sweat them on in the open position.


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      Re: new angle valve?

      I have to add my two cents on this topic, maybe some of this has already been said here, but whatever.
      These valves were used in my kitchen and all three of my bathrooms, twin sinks in the master bath, so ten of these cheapo things. As THM stated a while back in this old thread, these seem to be very popular with builders & plumbing contractors who tout the 10 year warranty. I think its because they can just push them onto the copper stub, connect to the fixture and call it good. Maybe thats okay for apartment complexes, hotels and such, but for single family homes, a little more money and effort during construction for good old compression or threaded valves seem the better choice to me. I see using these as cutting corners which usually translates to headaches for the homeowner down the road. I can say from experience that I hate these plastic stop valves for the aggrevation they've caused me. Everytime I looked at one crosswise, it started leaking at the hose crimp and not a single one of the ten actually stopped flow to allow replacing a faucet, so as I upgraded each faucet, these were the first to go.

      Shut off the house water supply and disconnect the hose from the faucet. You can then just unscrew them counterclockwise to remove them, hose and all since its crimped onto the valve. But because the copper gets gouged by this action and there was a corroded ring left were the seal was, I ended up using a stubby tube cutter right below the corrosion to have a clean stub of copper to put a compression valve on.
      You only lose about an inch of copper, so unless they really short changed you on the stub, this is the way to go.
      If you don't like compression fittings, you could sweat on a male thread adapter and use a threaded valve instead.

      Here is another dig at these Accor's, the only place in my house these weren't installed, for whatever reason, was at each toilet, these are standard chrome angle valves. Granted my house is almost 2x older than the 10 year warranty of the Accor's, but all three of these original cheapo chrome angle valves still work perfectly, same age as the Accor's and the same water supply that rendered every single Accor in my house useless for shut-off. I even broke a couple of the cheap little knobs trying to "snap" them out to the closed position.
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