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hot water recirculation pump help

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  • hot water recirculation pump help

    There are a number of hot water recirculating pumps at the various home stores...
    The premise is you install the small unit under, say your kitchen sink or faucet furthest away from the hot water heater.

    It then monitors the hot water line and when the temperature drops to say 90F it kicks in pumping the water whenever you turn on the hot water you get hot water within moments instead of wasting water and waiting for the hot water to get there.

    I have also seen some units that are installed at the water heater

    which style is best and what brand do you suggest?
    I know they all run in the two to three hundred dollar range.
    hopefully there is one made in USA?????

    Thanks for your comments.

    Cactus Man

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    Re: hot water recirculation pump help

    All I use are Grundfos pumps. They have one that is small, reliable, quiet, and equipped with a timer so the unit doesn't run all the time. Not made in the US though.


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      Re: hot water recirculation pump help

      cactusman, the pump and crossover is a unit like the "grundfos comfort series" costco has the unit on display under the watts brand with a grundfos pump for $179.00 a good price.

      the newer units have the pump on the hot water heater outlet and the crossover tee on the far sink. in the past it was all under the sink.

      keep in mind this system is not as good as a true hot water circulating system, but it is a decent retrofit unit for a house that was never plumbed with a return line.

      also the cold will be a little warm for a short bit as the hot is circulated back into the cold through the crossover tee. the tee does have a spring loaded check valve when the pump is off.

      phoebe it is