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How to Seal Hose?

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  • How to Seal Hose?

    Hi there. I recently purchased a hand-held bidet for my bathroom.
    It comes with a hose, one end connects to the bottom of the toilet (connects to threads on Fill Valve) and the other end connects to the water supply. Unfortunately, the hose is different from the original hose - and is thus leaking. The original had a rubber seal inside it while the new one does not. The new hose is flat on the inside such that a rubber seal cannot be placed into it. Can someone suggest how to seal the new hose such that it won't leak when connected to the threads on the bottom of the Fill Valve. To clarify, the new hose does not have a circular metal piece in it which the rubber seal could go around. The inside of the nut is flat. The new hose has a brass nut while the old hose had a plastic one.

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    Re: How to Seal Hose?

    a picture would help a lot.

    but the other issue is that the hand held sprayer/ bidet you have is typically not a legal device. there is no anti-siphon device on the water line.

    also is the hose always pressurized, or is there a valve prior to the hose connection, and then another valve on the sprayer?

    post some pictures of the new and old hose assy.

    phoebe it is