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Is it ok to patch an ABS drain pipe?

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  • Is it ok to patch an ABS drain pipe?

    Someone drilled a hole into a black (ABS?) drain pipe.

    It seems to me that the proper way to fix it would be to cut out that section of pipe and put in a coupler to repair it.

    They don't want to cut further into the wall though so they can't get all around the pipe.

    I figure... if you take a coupler and cut it in half, you can then bond half of it over the hole like a patch.

    Will this hold up over time? Is it stupid for some reason? That yellow ABS glue pretty much melts the plastic together, right?

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    Re: Is it ok to patch an ABS drain pipe?

    i am not a plumber but i need to ask(since this is what i would do.) why not just fill the hole with epoxy and take a fernco the same size cut it so you can wrap the pipe and install the two clamps.


    and i am asking a question along with wild weasles i am not saying to fix it this way.
    9/11/01, never forget.


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      Re: Is it ok to patch an ABS drain pipe?

      I thought of just filling the hole, but figured that if there's a chance that whatever you fill it with might intrude into the drain and cause things to catch on it, you might just be setting yourself up for a clog in the future.

      Since this will presumably be sealed up inside a wall, I wouldn't have suggested using something clamped on, but the pros here might feel otherwise.


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        Re: Is it ok to patch an ABS drain pipe?

        the hole i take it is only on the front side

        this is a very common problem during construction.

        a hose clamp with a piece of rubber will probably last a life time. a no hub band can be installed typically pretty easy from a 6'' x 6'' drywall cut out.

        don't tell anyone a trick i learned during my construction days way back
        this is a last resort if you don't want to open anymore wall up.

        mix up some black abs glue with some styrofoam from a cup and turn it into a thick gel/ goo. force it into the hole and let it dry. test it prior to closing the wall.

        i know others will rag me for this suggestion, but i also know they will try it too

        phoebe it is


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          Re: Is it ok to patch an ABS drain pipe?

          Is there anything actually wrong with my suggestion of half a coupler glued on or is it just more complicated than it needs to be?

          The hose clamp and piece of rubber sounds like the easiest of all.


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            Re: Is it ok to patch an ABS drain pipe?

            To bad you cannot cut the pipe through the little hole and slide on a no hub band and torque it down, this would be the best way.

            I have used ricks idea, it works, I just think nothing is better then making the correct repair

            Wall or no wall, that shouldn't stop a job from being completed correctly.